Salon and spa Salon services

Trendy hair style

Trendy hair is kind of straighten your lustrous locks or get an edgy up-do for every occasion. Designed by salon; our products are infused with special ingredients sculpt your hair fashionably. So, step in and pamper yourself with our exclusive services only at Salon & Spa.


Color your hair


Rich in color and hue; we bring Igora and Matrix to give your tresses the perfect hue with special techniques.

  • Crown Area Highlights

  • Full Head Highlights

  • Color Stripping

  • Block Coloring


Salon & Spa presents a best way to get color to your hair with special way.


To get the best color to your whole hair with Matrix and Igora.



Strengthen your hair from root to tip. Give your roots the power of Schwarzkopf, Igora & Tigi.




Radiant face



Remove unwanted hair from your face and get perfectly shaped brows by our experts.



Lightens hair from spots where you don’t want to wax.



Eyebrows/Upper Lip/Chin


Clean ups

  • Basic cleanup

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Melon mist fruit

  • Citrus fruit

  • Strawberry fruit


  • Quick Glow

  • Chocolicious

  • Skin Soft


  • Fruit Facial (flavored)

  • Acne Scar Reducing

  • Panch tatwa

  • Metallic

  • Aromatic

  • O3 +

  • Lacto protein

  • Oxygen


Advanced skin treatments

  • D-tanning

  • Pigmentation

  • Pimple

  • Acne

  • Insta glow

  • Under eye circle

  • Masques

  • Algae Collagen

    Reduce early signs of ageing with our all new Algae Collagen Masque. Leave your skin hydrated with ingredients like Sea algae, Chondrus Crispus, Glycerinand Lavender Oil. Get instant results with a single application and reduce fine lines for a younger, radiant glow.
  • Thermoherb masques

    Thermoherb mask is hit in the anti-aging beauty enhancement segment.It reduces wrinkles and age signs. It also works on dry skins.
  • Gold Collagen

    Discover the magic of real 24 carat gold dust working on your skin. In combination with sea algae and collagen, these ingredients together hydrate, nourish and tighten your skin in just 40 minutes, to reveal beautiful glowing skin.


Love more your hands & feet




Aroma oils and mineral salts come together to refresh, refine and soften your hands/feet.



Peppermint cools and refreshes the skin with a unique mint and Basil based ingredients.


It protects from pigmentation, moisture loss and other harsh effects of the Sun.


Manicure spas & pedicure SPAS

Pure Defense & cure


The Free spirit Blossom Manicure with walnuts Essential scrub and walnuts Fortifying mask is made from floral extracts that are rich in essential oils and help to relax and rejuvenate your tired hands/ feet. This relaxing spa treatment fights effects of pollution, defends against environment stress & restores a good skin.


foot reflexology

The treatment involves a gentle pressure point massage aimed at the reflex areas on the feet which correspond to the various parts of the body. This treatment is done by peppermint oil works on joints pain and smoothing fruit masques works for skin lustrous.



Take some time out to pamper your hands and feet, treat them to an indulgent Soft caress Hands and Foot masque. It removes tan and hydrates the skin in addition to your regular manicure/ pedicure. Ideal for winters when the skin tends to get dry. This treatment is also very good for treating cracked heels.


Summer De- Tanning Hand & Feet masque (Removes Tan)


Soft caress Hand & Feet masque (Hydration & Dryness)



Hair cuts

  • Straight cut
  • U cut
  • V cut
  • Step cut
  • Layer cut

Hair setting

  • Temporary straighten
  • Crimping
  • Spiral curls
  • Out curls
  • Blow dry


Hair treatment


Treat for your tresses


Take care of your luscious hair with any of these packages:

  • Hair Fall Control Treatment

  • Dandruff Control Treatment

  • Protein Restore Treatment

  • Split-ends treatment

  • Dry , dull , damage treatment

  • Scalp treatment

Special treatments for hair

  • Hair spa with cream masques

  • Hair spa with aroma oils

  • Hair spa with Ayurvedic masques

Perfect makeup

  • Party make up (siders)

  • Sangit sandhya make up

  • Reception bride

  • Cocktail bride

  • Traditional Groom & Bride

  • Corrective makeup

  • HD makeup

    • Pre – bridal package

      • Skin

      • Hair

      • Skin-polishing 

    • Pre- groom package

      • Skin

      • Hair

      • Skin-polishing 


Heena making  Mehndi on hands and feets


SPA services

Ayurvedic massage

A traditional Indian massage using of soothing and symmetrical long strokes to regulate the circulatory the nervous system of the body. The sesame and peppermint based herbal oil use in the massage heightens and concentration and leaves one feeling and rejuvenated.




Shirodhara is one of the traditional method. Rhythmic precision in the trickling of oil on to the forehead is believed to awaken the third eye, which in turn triggers healing and restores good health. This treatment is particularly effective in calming the mind and soothing the sense and very effective in stress mental disorders, it is done with silent and cold atmosphere with classical instrumental music.



Steam bath

Steam bath is the after process of massage .it will remove from body like

  • Heaviness

  • coldness

  • hardness

Advantage of the steam bath is that it will make the body fully detoxify.



Aroma massage

A gentle massage with aroma oils on full body for mind relaxing and skin rejuvenate.


Timing for the aroma massage: 45min and 60 min.



Body polishing

Body polishing can be done by different things like cleanser, exfoliator, gel within 90 min. after polishing the body we will wrap the body by different masques to make the skin soft and shiny.