Neejanand Resort & Spa Terms and Conditions:
  • Government Taxes will be charged extra as applicable.
  • We will charge for Minimum definite persons; and extra persons will be charged appropriately.
  • 50% Advance Payment is required to secure your booking & 50% payment shall be made at least 7 days in prior.
  • Tariff includes complimentary morning breakfast served in the restaurant only
  • Check in time 12:00 noon, Check out time 10:00am
  • Tariff is for maximum 2 people per cottage
  • Rs. 850 for each additional person (above 3 years old) in the room per day, all taxes are applicable
  • GST will be charged as applicable at the time of service provided based on respective declared tariff
  • Any room service will be at an additional charge
  • Laundry and out going telephone calls are extra charges
  • Prices are subject to change without notice
  • For security procedures, all guests should carry a photo identity proof for Check-In. Indian nationals can carry a passport, driving license, PAN Card or Voter ID card and Foreign nationals should carry a valid visa with their passport.
  • We accept all Debit Cards and Credit cards for payment, But cheques will only be accepted for advance payment not at time of final settlement.
  • Any Damage/Loss to “Neejanand Resort” property, knowingly/unknowingly, by any Guest/s, resident or attendee of the events, will be charged to Host’s a/c or their guests. They have to replace or pay the amount of the Damages or Lost item/s as per the Management decision.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all parts of the resort except in designated areas due to the ‘NO SMOKING’ legislation for hotels, restaurants & public places by the Government of India.
  • Gujarat state has ‘PROHIBITION’ Law/Rules for use of consumption of Spirits/Alcohol, and, as our premises is not Licensed, Management requests and requires you to respect the Law of the State.
  • Any & All Guests are supposed to follow the instructions / information given to them, to maintain the ambience, decorum and the discipline of “Neejanand Resort” during their event/stay.
  • Same way Law & Order, Rules laid by Government &/or Local authorities should also to be abide by and maintained by all.
  • Any dispute under any circumstances, on any terms & conditions Management’s decision will be full & final.

Additional T&C for an Event

  • NEEJANAND Management reserves Rights for Advance money refund; in case of cancellation/postponement of Function/Event.

Additional T&C for Packages

  • These packages include specified Items/Options and particulars, anything else will incur/require charge extra and will be subject to availability.
  • Any alteration/modification will charged extra as appropriate.
  • If you require accommodation then we should be informed in advance and it will be subject to availability.

Refund on Cancellation / Alteration:

  • Refund of Advance Amount will be considered on cancellation/alteration only if 50% as Advance payment has been received by us.
  • b. Refund on cancellation/alteration will only be considered by ‘Neejanand’ Management in exceptional circumstances, and, only for considerable reason/s given in writing.
  • c. 70% of Advance Amount will be considered for Refund only if cancellation/alteration will be made 60 days prior to check-In/function date.
  • d. 60% of Advance Amount will be considered for refund only if cancellation/alteration will be made from 45 days to 59 days prior to check-In/function date.
  • e. 50% of Advance Amount will be considered for refund only if cancellation/alteration will be made from 31 days to 44 days prior to check-In/function date.
  • f. No Refund will be considered if cancellation/alteration notice is received within 30 days prior to check-In/function date.
  • g. In case of partial cancellation, only 10% cancellation of the total cottages booked will permitted with prior written notice before 2 months.




Neejanand Resort & Spa Gymnasium & Swimming Pool Terms and Conditions:

General Information


Gym & Pool facilities (swimming pool, showers, WC, changing rooms and lobby) at Neejanand Resort are owned and operated by Neejanand Resort Itself.


The Gym & Swimming Pool are unsupervised; So members and guests are advised to exercise extreme care when using the facilities and use at their own risk. Neejanand management will not responsible for any natural/unnatural hazard/accident.


Persons under 16 years of age are permitted to use the facilities only when accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for that person's conduct at all times.


No smoking allow near the gym & pool areas.


The Gym or Pool may be closed for essential maintenance work, special functions or for any other reason, the management may feel necessary.


Members and guests are required to use the gym & swimming pool facilities in a proper and reasonable manner.


NEEJANAND MANAGEMENT accepts no liability for any illness or injury and/or any medical condition caused by the use of the facilities.


No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage of guests/members valuables.


NEEJANAND MANAGEMENT reserve the right to alter the rules, membership, prices and available facilities at any time with/without any reason.


Terms and Conditions of usage


All guests and members using the swimming pool and changing facilities are expected to abide by the following terms and conditions of usage and NEEJANAND MANAGEMENT reserves the right to deny access to the pool facilities of any guest or member who is deemed by the management to have failed to comply.


Authorisation to use the swimming pool facilities cannot be transferred/assigned – the Gym & swimming pool facilities are provided for use by NEEJANAND guests and private members only.


For safety and security reasons guests/members must not admit persons outside of their group to the gym or pool at any time.


The Gym & Pool will be available at the prescribed times only, this includes changing time.


Rules for use of Swimming Pools


Please follow the Swimming Pool User's Safety Code:


Take care, swimming pools can be hazardous. Water presents a risk of drowning, and injuries can occur from hitting the hard surrounds, or from misuse of the equipment.


❖ Please observe the swimming pool timetable and vacate the pool and the changing area at the end of your session.

❖ Please do not leave soiled nappies and/or wash any garment/linen in the changing rooms and/or swimming pool area – there are bins available in the parking area.

❖ Maximum depth 4 fts and 6 inches at deep end,

❖ No diving swimming or playing around the entry steps.

❖ No glass, food or alcohol to be brought into the pool.

❖ No jewellery to be worn

❖ Must use proper swimming costume while accessing pool.

❖ Must take shower pre and post access of swimming pool.

❖ No overcrowding – Neejanand Management will decide the maximum number persons in the pool at same times to access pool.

❖ No large toys, masks, and/or beach balls to be used in the pool.

❖ Members and guests swim at their own risk – no lifeguard on duty.

❖ No lone Swimmers.

❖ Maximum ratio two children per Adult.

❖ No outdoor shoes to be worn in the pool or changing area.

❖ Members: 1 hour includes changing time.

❖ Please leave the changing rooms in good order.

❖ In the event that a piece of equipment is found broken and/or damage, members or guests are liable ti pay for that and Management will reserve to set cost for same.

❖ Neejanand Management reserves all the Rights.


Rules for use of Gym

Gym Timings


❖ Morning: 6am to 11am

❖ Evening: 4pm to 9pm

❖ Gym membership includes gym sessions of 1 hour per day at predefined times

❖ All taxes are included in the declared tariff